HTT: How to Poof into Nothingness

I spent an hour or two this morning writing a very nifty little piece on avocado hacks.

That doesn't quite make sense.

I spent an hour or so writing about an article I read called "10 Avocado Hacks You Need to Know Now!"

Or something like that.

I wrote about it because I was really excited to learn something new about the avocado, especially, since I have one major handicap when it comes to the delicious fruit . . . I can't ever seem to select the right one.

My wife has a solve for this particular problem:

Never buy just one avocado.

It's simple . . . it's elegant . . . it's truth . . . it's beauty . . . it's not one of the top ten avocado hacks however.

As much as it should be.

Neither was a good method of avocado selection. Which . . . it seems to me . . . to be the only avocado hack worth mentioning.

The article did say that if you run out of plates . . . get this . . . you can use an avocado as a bowl.

Word to anyone out there . . . if you can't find a plate and decide to scour your kitchen for edible bowl shaped fruit . . . it's really important that you take a minute and reevaluate you entire life.

Anyway, I've already spent an hour or two making cute little jokes about this less than cute little article and just as I went to publish the thing, the program I was typing on blooped out of thin air and the whole post was gone.

Like gone gone.


I stared looking at it for a long time wondering if it would bloop back . . . it didn't.

Then I logged out and logged back in again . . . still gone.

Then I paced for a minute or two . . . yelled at my son for some reason or another . . . got a glass of water . . . blew my nose . . . drank the water . . . apologized to my son for yelling at him . . . explained the whole poofing situation . . . and tried to think of what to do next.

I couldn't just rewrite the whole thing. I've got things to do today. I couldn't just leave it alone . . . the avocado bowl hack was priceless. So you're getting an abreviated version of today's How to Tuesday.

You can hasten the ripeing of your avocado by putting it in a paper bag.

You can hasten even that by adding a banana.

Who knew?

There are other things too, but right now I've got to get moving.

So remember this . . . when a day's work poofs in front of your eyes it's not that tragic, just go with it  . . . and two . . . never buy just one avocado.

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  1. I feel responsible, I never showed you how to pick an avocado