A Curious Case of the Mondays

Even when I was working a forty hour work week, I didn't get touched by 'The Mondays' very often. Mostly because I wroked Tuesday thru Saturday, so my actual Mondays were spent sleeping in and puttering about the house.

Tuesday mornings were sometimes draggy, but I always walked through the doors with big plans if not a totally shiny attitude, and as soon as the coffee started kicking in, I was good to go.

It helped too that all my clientelle had been through their Mondays already, so there was no struggle through osmosis. No communal sharing of negativity.

Yes, that was, in fact, planned.

I just got through two super huge weeks. Not only the celebration of everything that is my birthday, but I did six shows in twelve days, and to be honest, that kicked my butt. Which is funny, cause I remember a time when I would do six shows in three days and still feel perky come Monday morning (Insider Pool: Theaters are closed on Mondays, so that's usually an actor's only day off).

Pushin 40 is no joke and I don't recommend it.

I know that you're only as old as you feel, but I'll believe that when the social security checks start rolling in.

Funny part too is that my voice is just fine, it's my fingers that are all tore up. Apparently I've been stringing my guitars with razor wire. Which is a terrible thing to string your guitars with.

Actually, I've just been playing too hard.

I've got a John Denver sound, but I play like Johnny Ramone.

Gotta work on that this week. Gotta work on a lot of things. Gotta work on a lot of things that are seriously unexciting and have pretty much given me the case of the Mondays.

I have to learn a Ryan Adams song, plus something country. Always gotta have some country in your repertoire. I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure that out. Just stupid I guess.

I've got to update a few websites I've been neglecting, and I'm exactly one essay away from sharing my new book with other people. Sounds like homework. It's a week full of long division and I have to show my work.

I think it might be the heat too.

It's frigging hot out here.

Mayhaps a change in the weather will bring a change in the overall mood.

I was thinking of going all Garfield and making some lasagna tonight just as an ode to a tired tired joke, but my brother dropped off a basket filled with fresh produce from his garden and so instead it's going to be 'pasta al tono' tonight and stuffed zucchini tomorrow, and maybe something with fresh garden salsa. Mmmmm.

Ever made red sauce with homegrown tomatoes?

If not, go do it. Do it now.

It will change your life.

Or, if you're a pesimist slowly dragging yourself through your own case of the Mondays, it will ruin everything else in life.

Which is cool.

Once you've ruined your ability to eat spaghetti sauce from a can, you'll start to discover that there is a whole nother universe of pleasurable things that never even occurred to you. You might start drinking fresh coffee. You might start turning off the A/C in your car and just roll the windows down. You might stop wearing a belt. I know, for me, there is a bike ride in my future, and a hair cut, and a trip to Guitar Center for finger picks and a speaker stand. 

Grilled salmon steaks, good books, four days till my next show, some fantastic wine, some seriously fantastic scotch, fantasy football less than a month away and the little one starts school in two weeks, which means a whole new routine for all of us.

If you could take a pill for a case of the Monday's, I'd say take it, but if you can't, then go ahead and plan a meal. Food makes everything better.

And take care of your fingers.

They're important.

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