TBT: He's got the look

Now, it's odd, but my son looks nothing like me.

Sharp angular face, button nose, dimple on the left side of his face.

Do a side by side comparison, and well, he has more  shapely qualities with his half-brother.

Not that paternity is in any real question.

When Joann and I would take a nice summer stroll with our new baby, everyone knew I was the father and assumed she was the nanny.

He may not look like me, but he sure as hell doesn't look like an olive skinned, dark, curly haired, italian either.

So, yeah, it might be some time before he grows into any of our family features. Which is fine.

You kind of hope that your kids get the best of the two of you, but that doesn't happen, really, at all.

Like, I have straight teeth. They're made of sponges, so they're stained and filled with cavities, but straight.

My wife, teeth made of steel.

A steel jack-o-lantern, but what her parents paid in braces, they saved in root canals.

Calvin, his choppers are all deformed and made of chalk.

I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, but our children will never turn out to be the amalgam of our greatest strengths, but instead, our children have to grow up to be all the things we hate most about ourselves.

I'm a narcissist, so, by the rule stated above, he will look, nor be, anything like me.

And then I found this picture.

Sure, this is me at a little over a year old. Fat, toe headed me.

And when Calvin was this age, thin, blonde, but with the kind of red highlights that is every soccer mom's dream, so not much of a comparison.

However, look at that face.

That is a kid, with a thing in his hand, that is the most important thing there ever was or ever could be.

A bomb could go off right next to that kid and he would have no idea what happened.

He probably wouldn't even look up until he was ready for a diaper change.

Well, my friends, that is the exact look that Calvin has while working on his twisty puzzles.

The concentration, the dedication, who needs a DNA test when you can just compare the look of obsession?

Of course, he's usually trying to solve a complicated puzzle, and this is a picture of me trying to figure out if this is something I can eat,

but the look is the same.

He must be my boy.

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