Bucket Five

So I just finished crossing off a biggie from my bucket list.

Gotta say it: Feels good.

Now I'm not a super adventurous man. I have no intention of ever traveling to see the great pyramids of Giza, or running with bulls. Most of my "gotta do before I die" involve pretty simple accomplshiments or deal with food.

I will find the perfect fried chicken recipe, oh yes, I will.

And I'd like to be part of a movie, but that's just so I can have an IMDB page.

I'd also like to grow some healthy tomato plants (really, god, its not too much to ask is it?)

But there are some things, maybe a little outta character, maybe a little crazy, maybe a little dangerous that I would like to look back upon as I lay dying in an oxygen chamber, 372 years from now:

Be in a high speed chase.
Not sure if I want to be the cop or the robber, but I totally wanna drive through The City in a suped up mustang and a leather jacket.

Go Hunting.
Not sure about the getting up before dawn part, or firing guns part, or the deer urine part, and I'm terribly sorry if you're on the meat is murder band wagon, but hunting sounds like a hoot. I will take precautions. Lots of day glow orange and a safe distance behind Dick Cheney.

Go Sailing.
Not boating, yachting, or ocean cruising. But adjusting the jib on something almost but not quite a skooner and not being within sight of anything that can be considered land.

Blow something up.
I don't mean out of proportion, I mean standing behind protective glass and counting down.

Start a Forest Fire.
Not in one of those Batman "Some people want to watch the world burn" kind of ways, but you know, maybe a thin little brush fire with the flick of a cigarette on a hot August night. Just big enough so that some one has to get a fire extinguisher from the car and not so big that you can see the smoke from space.

Actually, fires are not terribly funny. Very dangerous, very destructive and not really at all the kind of thing I would feel good about having caused.

Unless it was part of the best fried chicken recipe ever.

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