TBT: Baby Bath

So I was doing this dishes this morning and this thought occurred to me:

Once upon a time this was a baby's bathtub.

Then another thought occurred to me:

There aren't enough naked baby pictures on Facebook.

Which made me think, that, no, well, there are clearly WAY too many naked baby pictures on Facebook.

And then I got sad thinking if the zombie apocalypse comes, then this sink will never host another naked baby again.

And then I got kinda grossed out because I don't remember the tile grout being this white.

And then felt a little better knowing that after eight years I've stopped needing red and blue sippy cups.

And then I felt really smug knowing that Calvin will find this post like another eight years from now and be totally embarrassed by it. Or even better, some girl who's gotta crush on him is going to find this and think its the most adorable thing ever.

Of course kids won't be using Facebook any more, probably won't even be using the internet. To get away from their parents they're gonna have to invent a whole new sort of sign language and take selfies using stone tablets and chisels.

One day you're just happy taking a bath in a sink and the next day you're teleporting to school with a hammer in your back pocket just in case you need to tweet.

The future is gonna be a weird place.

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