TBT-Snip, Snip

On Tuesday, Joann cut Calvin's hair.

It was the first time she ever really tried to do that.

I mean she'd made a few snips here and there, getting bangs out of eye's and taming cowlicks, but never a full-on, lay down some towels and get in the stool, son, kind of hair cut.

We tried it once years ago, and well, I screwed it up so badly, we were ashamed of taking him out doors for about six months.

I don't, nor will I ever do that again.

But Joann's got a bigger set of testicles than I do.

And I'll be damned, but it turned out great.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Calvin made the whole affair a nightmare of crying and flinching and squealing and crying and squealing. He wore a hoodie for the passed few days in protest and gets all fussy anytime someone mentions it, but I think the cut came out pretty damned good. Better in fact than the last five or so cuts we've spent serious money.

Quite the latent talent hidden in the old ball and chain, I must say.

Anyway, since it's throwback Thursday, and I'm actually kinda busy with a few other projects, I give you Calvin's Very First Haircut!

And I won't bother with too much commentary except to say I'm not sure which of the two of us has more baby fat.

And Joann's right, my ears are teeny tiny.

I'll just leave this here.

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