TBT: No Tongue

I love taking those Facebook Quizzes.

I know.

It's terrible.

Say it.

I'm one cute kid picture posting away from being That Girl.

However, and I will say this for the jury of my peers, no matter how giddy I am to get the results, I never post them.

But for the record, if I was a Star Wars character I'd be Obi Wan Kenobi, if I was a car I'd be a Ford Mustang. I've been Dumbledore, Gandalf, Sid Vicious, and the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast.

I'm Seattle, Toronto, Autumn, and a bungalow by the sea.

My dialect proves I'm clearly living in Sacramento, CA, which freaks me out just a little bit, and my belief system is that of a catholic nun, which makes me feel much better.

I always find time to do the quizzes, and I'm always jazzed about the result.

And then I pretty much forget about it and go on my way.

But there was one this morning "Which literary Couple are you and your significant other?"

Had to take it.

Had to.

But before I started clicking all the little answers, I warmed up my ponder muscle and began to guess as to what literary couple Joann and I really resemble.

I first ruled out anything Shakespearean.

No Troilus and Cresseda, Antony and Cleopatra, definitely not Oh Romeo and Juliet, and we're way too nice to each other to be either Benedict or Beatrice.

Anything before that would be too fable like.

Nothing in the literary classics, for two theatrical artists, we are surprisingly drama free.

All of Jane Austen was out, cause, well, we love our parents, but they assuredly do not have permission to have any input at all into our sex life.

Nothing from the early twentieth century, simply not rich enough, nor poor enough, to excite the imagination of those writers.

Westerns are out. Science fiction is out. Modern, oh, so, out.

Fantasy, maybe, but nothing Tolkien, even though we have been joking about turning into hobbits as we age.

So anyway, I really could think of nothing and then I got my answer.

Aparently, and this is pretty scientific as far as Facebook Quizzes are concerned, apparently, Joann and I are most like Daenerys and Khal Drogo in "The Game of Thrones".


I'm not going to spoil the books for you, even though, by now, it's your own damn fault for not reading them.

But Daenerys and Khal are a very odd choice.

Kinda flattering, sorta skin crawly, but you get the sense later on in the book that they're perfect for one another and aside from all the blood and gore, they're pretty cute as a couple.

Okay, cool.

I'm game.

But Joann can't have dragons.

If I'm not gonna let her get a puppy, then she sure as shit can't have dragons.

So there's definitely a fictional line drawn.

But if for some reason you need to know what kind of a couple we actually are, it's this picture right here.

I just said something that I'm pretty sure was the funniest thing ever said, and Joann just finished saying "Yeah, I'm gonna need you to shut up now and kiss me"

No tongue.

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