First Takes-Chase the Magic SE

So I wanted to try out a newly discovered video editing technique.

(I say newly discovered cause it's one of those techniques that have been available since like forever and I was flipping around on YouTube and was like "iMovie does that?")

Basically, you can take an audio recording, set little markers at certain beats, and drag video clips over the audio file and iMovie will adjust the clips to fit the markers.

This is how you're kinda supposed to make a music video.

The program is designed mainly to make your home movies look cooler, and not exactly powerful enough to really do the kinds of things I want it to do. (Complex stuff that has to do with syncing, blah, blah, blah) So there are all these little kinds of problems around detail editing that I haven't solved yet.

However, the big program costs actual money.

Not big money.

I could go out and get it right now and not feel even remotely guilty.

In fact, it could be finished downloading before I even post this blog.

But here's the thing,

You don't learn to play guitar on a Gibson 335.

You learn on a beat up, rusty,  perpetually out of tune, flea market, made of balsa wood and ripped calluses, piece of crap guitar.

You do this to strengthen your hands and firm your resolve.

Master an Fmajor where the action is four and a half inches from the frets and you know you've got what it takes to handle playing with the big boys.

And with this "free with the computer back in 2008" program, I haven't quite shed enough blood to convince myself that I should be making professional movies.

Although, I must admit, I am having all kinds of fun doing it.

I haven't stayed up this late and obsessed over a project like this in a long time and it feels good to stretch, even if the muscle isn't very strong yet.

Anyway, I wanted to test out this newly discovered technique, designed to make your home movies look a little cooler, and I needed to concentrate on the technique rather than the final product.

So I'm breaking with format this week and using a recording from my first album, and there's no real narrative, so stop looking for one.

Basically this is just a coolish looking home movie with an old recording.

Click the picture below to take you all the way to the YouTubes.

So yeah, enjoy.

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