ThrowBack Thursday: Terrible Dad

"Please tell me you didn't leave him like that!" She immediately said after seeing the picture for the first time.

"Of course not! What kind of a monster do you think I am?" I replied in abject horror.

Although, honestly, I don't remember how long I left him sitting like that.

Definitely long enough to get up, find the camera, and wait for it to load up, only to discover that the batteries were dead. Search every drawer for new batteries, fail, steal AA's out of every remote control in the apartment, take picture, laugh at picture, reset baby posture.

Which is why my wife doesn't believe me anymore about anything.

But I chose this picture because Calvin has a cold.

And a ridiculous cough.

So I've been watching him fall asleep on the couch while I do some internet work, or play video games.

Mostly video games.

And after three nights of sitting up with him, me until midnight, Joann until god knows when (SuperMoms everywhere are too modest for the kind of credit they deserve), we're all starting to get a little punchy and need a little laugh.

This picture makes me laugh.

First, remember how exhausting those first few years were?

Without digital photography I would have virtually no memory of 2005, 2006, and most of 2007.

I could have fallen asleep just like that. Probably did, but Joann didn't think to steal the batteries out of the remotes.

Second, remember that couch?

I loved that couch.

You couldn't tell where the pattern ended and the vomit and wine stains began.

It was made for old ladies, sloppy eaters, and an infinite supply of two year olds.

And lastly, OMG, look at those tiny feet and fat baby cheeks!

Somehow, somewhere along the way, that fat little buddha of love, turned into a mouthy little paper clip of a boy.

With lots of hair.

And such massive front teeth I'm tempted to ask him to try opening up cans, or at least beer bottles.

Cause that's how terrible dads think.

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