First Takes: Sidewalk

I just saw that this will be my 400th post.

I don't know if that's much of a milestone, but it feels nifty enough to note.

So here is the second song in the series I'm calling First Takes, where I sit down with a mic and a guitar and a Canon Powershot and hit the record button.

Last week I posted my first trial and asked for feedback, which was very helpful, thank you all who chose to write in. I made some solid changes this time, and please continue to shoot out some ideas. I'm no videographer, so you're perception is much needed.

Anyway, this week I chose an older song of mine (due to the nice sprig of spring weather) and actually incorporated a few more bits of footage.

The song has been recorded in as many different ways as there are instruments in my studio. It's one of the few songs that I love so much that I'll never get it right. A super slow dreamy version of it is available on iTunes from my first album Falling Fast Awake and I'm sure I'll do about 20 more before my children finally up the dosage just enough to put dear old dad to sleep, but low enough to avoid questions of impropriety.

So here it is, and again, feedback is actually appreciated and incorporated and for the die hard fans, please send requests of any song you'd like me to do next.

Also, there was some problem viewing on portables, so click this link First Takes-Sidewalk to take you directly to YouTube.

Thanks all. Happy 400th

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  1. this is one of my fave songs off that album. love the "shadow" instruments/footage. wondering what it would look like reversed, with that footage upfront and you shadow... sound wise it sounds professional not like a hack recording in your living room. what? I'm not a sound engineer!
    for the tag line I would add one more thing under waitdad, tell them to subscribe to your youtube channel
    great job, my friend! keep going. xoxo