Throwback Thursday: HAIR!

Gimme a head with hair.

Long Beautiful Hair

Shining, gleaming, steaming flaxen waxen.

Gimme down to there hair

Shoulder length or longer

Here baby, there momma

Everywhere, Daddy, Daddy.

Now this, my friends, is quite a little piece of history.

Despite the time stamp of 4/8/94, this picture was taken in the summer of 1999.

However, April 8th 1994 was three days after Kurt Cobain died. I don't know how much sense that makes, or why I would even bring it up, but since these two are clearly not mourning, its important to note it's not out of a lack of compassion, but because five years had gone past and it was time to let it go.

And the reason the time stamp is so off is because this camera was not connected to the internet, and it required an instruction manual the thickness of an old bible to figure out how to program it.

Meditate on that for a bit.

Consider that every photo taken between 1994 and around 2008 is most likely gonna be time stamped incorrectly. Won't matter now, but if we're still alive in 1,000 years, archeologists are gonna have a hellava time with the Clinton and Bush Administrations.

But that's us.

Right there.

Me and my girl.

Younger, thinner, impossibly good looking, and with so much more hair than I remember ever having.

Back stage, San Jose City Lights, probably before curtain, which I know only because after the show I was drenched in so much sweat Joann would never dare to get that close to me. I had to bring two pairs of underwear to every performance.

There's a cast picture behind us, but we're not in that one.

When I think about it, this picture should have been impossible.

A year before this picture, I was doing the same show up in Santa Rosa, an experience so terrible, that I should have given up acting right then and there.

Ten months before this picture, I got bored sitting at my desk in the theater office and I went downstairs to see how the load-in for a new set was coming along and the set designer froze when he saw me.

There was a long pause.

And then he said "Grow out the beard" and that's all he said. And I, not having a angle show lined up, did.

Had I gotten any of the thirty or so roles I auditioned for that spring, none of this life would have happened.

Six months before this picture I got a call to come audition for HAIR in San Jose. Which was just about a four hundred mile round trip from my house. There was no way I could do a show that far for virtually nothing.

So of course I said "Sure".

And guess who was the director, yup, the prosaic set designer.

My audition was so bad, I never should have been offered a janitor position, let alone a lead role.

But it's always about who you know.

And you're never supposed to date cast members. You do, but you're not supposed to. And though I was in love, cause, well, jeeze, look at her, there is no earthly reason to think a single mother would have anything to do with the arrogant, jobless, ass-hat pictured above.

But she did.

Cause it's not always about who you know.

But it was the summer of 1999. Prince was on every radio station, The Phantom Menace was disappointing fan-clubs throughout the nation, and that pretty girl up there has no idea how much underwear of mine she's going to be washing for the rest of her life.

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