Beta Test for Wait Dad YouTube Series

Hey All Y'all,

I had an idea a while back where I could produce a short acoustic video performance of some of my songs. The series would go up weekly and start off with songs from my new album, but eventually include older songs and possibly even fan requested covers. Eventually the recordings could make their way to a collection that I could give out to fans at shows or other marketing campaigns.

Anyway, not being much of a videographer, and way too cheap to pay one, the only way to realistically do it would be fixed camera angles overlaid and a combination of room microphones and direct-in plugs. And then spend a little time EQing the sound and cutting the film together.

(That was for the tech geeks)

I made a little test run last week with "Follow Me" to make sure the equipment all worked and that I could remember how to use all the editing programs and get an idea of how long each performance would take to produce in full. If I could do it under four hours, then it's conceivable to produce at least one a week which is pretty much the minimum to create a subscriber base.

So here's my concern:

I'm just not sure if I should bother.

I love the concept, but this is a low budget affair, and although I'm sure you're not expecting Katie Perry production values, I just don't want it to be embarrassing.

So I'm gonna need some honest feedback, and there's no one more honest than the internet. :)

Here is the Beta Test for "Follow Me" (The intro is a bit cheesy and during one of the renders the vocals redlined creating distortion, but those problems are future fixable, but just not in time for this post)

And here is what I need to know:

Should I bother?

Would you watch something like this?

Would you SHARE something like this?

Is it too cheesy/embarrassing/low budget?

Any suggestions for improving it?

Any requests for future songs?

I'd love a Facebook discussion if we can get one going, but if you'd like to keep your comments private, you can email me at

Please enjoy and thanks for watching.

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