Getting to know you

Are the social media's making you feel more lonely and disconnected?

Cause if they are, then you are the person everyone seems to be talking about on just about every social media platform I peruse.

Apparently, social media is not only the new pariah, but also the podium from which the minister preaches the fire and brimstone effect of "tweets", "likes" and photo filtration.

Environmentalists in Hummers.

Thank god for Tumblr, which is mostly still dirty jokes and soft core porn.

Now aside from the random customer that tries to scroll through her Facebook page while trying to order her coffee, I've found that the social media platforms are a pretty nifty way of keeping in the loop.

And the social dynamic hasn't changed much.

That loud, obnoxious, girl at the party is now just filling your newsfeed with baby pictures and Tony Robbins quotes instead of talking about her children and her inability to orgasm.

The shy people have "Klimt" paintings as their profile pictures and won't "like" anything until it has been "liked" at least by twelve other people. I'm sure their cats miss them, but its kinda nice that they're at least trying to participate.

The dirty girls are posting dirty things instead of just xeroxing their asses and being gossiped about come monday morning.

The dirty boys are still making dirty inelegant passes and being "unfriended" instead of tolerated.

Every band wants you to come out a see their show, including mine, and you can ignore the invite.

I ain't mad, bro, I still love you just the same.

Dads post "Dad Jokes"

Moms post passive aggressive advice about what they think is wrong with your life.

My aunt beat cancer and my son passed Organic Chemistry.

Fuck Yeah!

(Both true, by the way, Fuck Yeah!)

Social Media to me is this monster end of year kegger where everybody is invited, everyone rushes off to find their little clicks, some head for the food, some head for the beer, some head for a quiet spot to strum on their guitars, and then there are those like me that like to roam from click to click making an impression when I can, turning a serious conversation into a joke, stomping on jerks for being mean, enlightening, getting enlightened, hearing the latest news filtered through an alcoholic haze, hearing the latest gossip, being on the inside of an elaborate joke, and hopefully, later, crawling into bed with the super hot curly haired girl.

Which I get to do.

Every damn night.

Yet the argument is that we are losing a piece of our social fabric in our indirect entailments within the social web-o-sphere.


Interesting poetics you're waxing there kids, but you're entirely wrong.

Social media hasn't hurt anything.

It hasn't changed much of anything at all.

We've always raged about the hot topics, and then forgotten about them come voting time, or come Miley Sirus' next album.

What has changed is the unfettered ability to create and to have worldwide distribution.

Art and opinion is now fully democratized.

Its an open source world, my friends, and as always, you make of it what you will.

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