Its her 34th Birthday

Well WaitDad fans,

it's ButMom's 34th birthday . . .

And to celebrate, and because I'm mean, and because it's more fun this way, I've hidden five presents somewhere in the house.

Five Presents.

Five Clues.

Friday Five.

and a Happy Birthday to the girl I love:

Clue Won:
This one's easy, but only cause I'm such a tool.

Clue Too.
This one is from Calvin. Or for Calvin. But she did ask for it. And it is in fact right where it will end up in a tomb of its own.

Clue Three:
This one is also, most likely, exactly where it will end up, especially since she just created so much space for it, assuming thats why she created that space.

Clue Fore:
Now that she's on her Magical Mystery Tour, she may find this after a Hard Days Night, and assuming she takes a right on Abbey Road she won't need any Help with this one.

Notice the very subtle Huey Lewis reference.

Clue Five:
This one is hidden with the first present I ever gave her. It's also the oldest. Unless you consider the diamond on her engagement ring to be the oldest. Which I clearly don't. At least for the purposes of these clues.

But it does bring up a thought.

What if she doesn't remember one of the first presents I ever gave her?

What if she is racking her brain right now, so embarrassed that she can remember who played opposite Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" when she is half asleep, but she can't for the life of her remember this one particular present?

Well hmmmm?

That would be pretty sad wouldn't it?

At least she's got a good six months to find it.

If she hasn't locked me up in some dungeon in Italy and made me spend all my stolen money on just a few morsels of food.

Alright then.

No more clues.

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