Dog-danglin' Friday Five

Wait Dad is feeling all kinds of stupid lazy today.

So, first, Wait Dad is gonna power nap,

for three hours.

Cause that's lazy.

Then, second, he's gonna put on jammy pants.

Cause jammy pants are lazy and fun to say out loud.

Just say it.

Jammy pants.

. . . Say it . . .

Next, and thirdly,

Wait . . . is "thirdly" even a word?

If it is . . . then it's a lazy word.

Fourth, Wait Dad is gonna turn on the TV and then sit down and watch whatever is on, cause he forgot to grab the remote first.

Not getting back up to find the remote is all kinds of lazy.

That's lazier than cruise control and easy cheese. It's lazier than cat ownership and peeing in the shower.

Not getting back up to find the remote would make the lazy hall of fame if only lazy people would find some initiative and organize long enough to quantify and collate their lack of action.

But they would never do something like that.

Cause they're lazy.

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