Bigger, Better, Faster, More Five

Self worth is a puzzling thing.

Just a little can give you the strength to move mountains, but a cold breeze from a cruel word can zap you of all your momentum and push you back into your cave.

But there are places where you are invincible. Times when you are bigger, better, faster, more, and nothing can stop you.

1. The Shower
In the hall you may be a 70 year old Bob Dylan, but when the curtain draws back you are Neil Diamond with an audience of twenty somethings.

2. Airport Walkalator
I've seen old women in wheel chairs push themselves just a little bit faster, just to be bionic. Nananana - Nananana

3. The I5/I80 interchange.
Its a downhill clover leaf on-ramp. Even in my Volkswagon Vanagan I am a NASCAR racer going through turn three.

4. The first five minutes playing video games with my son.
I am a Halo 4 god until he learns twenty years worth of tricks in a little over 300 seconds.

5. Carrying the sleeping boy to bed.
This one's got an expiration date, and every time may be the last, but forever is a silly notion anyway.

Happy Weekends to you all

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