I got nothin.

Today's a tough one.

Usually, Monday's post is inspired by a weekend of intense mulling, or a flash in the pan idea I got from the radio on my drive home.

But we all know what is dominating the cultural conversation, and social pop culture commentary will either annoy someone with its frivolity, or hurt someone with a misplaced sentiment.

So, I got nothin.

Christmas is almost here.

My wife wants a dog, but she's not getting one.

My brother is getting married on Saturday.

He already has a dog.

Read a great quote today with which I'll share:

"Why do poets always take the weather so personally?"

Don't remember who said it.

My wife made me turn off the 49er game last night and I did cause they were winning 31-3.

So I missed that game.

People are still making Mayan calendar "End of the World" jokes and I am still hating them for it.

Victoria Jackson is apparently an Ultra Conservative blogger now.

I'll bet she has a dog.

A bunch of my friends have given up Facebook for a while.

Sometimes the only thing worse than thinking about things is discovering what other people think about things.

My lemon flavor mineral water has 70mg of sodium in it. But has hidden that fact by stating that it only has 35mg per serving.

The bottle is "about" two servings. and I would need to drink about 25 bottles in order to get my recommended daily allowance of sodium.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Like I said . . .

I got nothin.

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