Five Little Notes

So, I finally get the chance to sit down at my desk, a little worn down, a little cranky, and a little ready to set fire to all Post-It notes staring me in the face.

They all know I hate Post-It notes.


But they are a necessary evil.

Like black licorice or the Republican Party.

Here are the five notes I got (names removed to protect the innocent)

Josh-I need Monday off

Josh- The grinder is broken

Josh- My paycheck is wrong

Josh- is it possible not to work past 1:30 or even 2:00 on Christmas Eve? Cause I have to go to my Father-in-laws because my wife's parents are divorced and they can't be in the same room and we need to spent at least a little bit of time with each of them cause this is our first Christmas as a married couple and (see other side) he lives far out in the Bay Area and we want to beat some of the traffic, but if you can't, I understand, but it would be really nice.

Josh- you're a good boss and I don't need anything.

I know it's not manly, but the last one made me cry a little bit.

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