I am Spam

I am Spam.

Spam I am.

I do so like fried eggs over medium and chicken fried steak with light gravy and always hash browns before county potatoes.

Why am I saying this? Because I am Spam. And this blog is nothing more than a clever ruse. A clever ruse to get you to like me. To get you to view my stuff. To poke me when you can. I am using my social media connections in order to find an audience to buy my stuff.

Well, actually, I don't have any stuff to sell yet, the album is still a month away from post production and if I'm lucky it will hit the world before christmas.

So I am generating a whole bunch of free content.

Content that will make you laugh, especially if you like Dr. Suess jokes. Content that will make you mist up a bit when I wax poetic about the trials and tribulations of Daddyhood. Content that will endear you to me over the coming years and months, so that when I do have something to sell, you will buy it.

And because you've been with me just about every step of the way, you will like it.

You will like it, not because it is good, but because its already a part of you and your own story.

You are Sebastian.

I am Atreyu.

I am also Spam.

My posts are indiscriminate. They are sent to everyone. And everyone is sent something. Some of the people who like me, might not like my work. Some people might like me and like my work and not want to think about me on Tuesday. I'm just throwing confetti in the air and hoping that some people like confetti at that particular moment.

But some people don't remember hitting the "Like" button on the confetti that I'm throwing. Some people may have thought they liked confetti, but realized after all that they don't.

And some people "Liked" me before they really knew me. I might have been an attractive face, or reminded them of someone they once knew. Some of them might have been spamming me all along and don't like the color of my confetti when their own confetti is so much prettier.

So I'm not blind to the fact that my confetti is reaching people who have no interest in it.

I have a lot of friends who are also Spam. They too have very pretty confetti. So I want all the people who get my confetti to check out their confetti as well.

Unless I've decided that the people who like my confetti won't necessarily like my friends' confetti, so I don't hit that "Share" button, and no one is the wiser.

And yes. In our search to make connections, we will get hit with the kind of Spam Confetti that we have no interest in. And if we don't understand how the security options on our Facebook pages work, then suddenly our emails could become inundated with the kind of Spam that irritates us.

I am a fan of Guitar Center. But after having to delete four to five emails a day, I blocked them. Cause I never use coupons or go shopping when there is a sale. I just need new strings every few months.

So a friend of mine, whose confetti I am proud to share, got rebuked recently for being Spam. By someone who kept getting their confetti in his eyes and was tired of it.

I don't know how she got rebuked, but I know how much it hurt. And how embarrassed by it she must have felt.

Cause I feel her pain.

For I too feel a little guilty every time I hit that share button. As if I have gone from Troubadour to Door to Door.

What if they don't like me? What if I'm not funny, sexy, smart, cool, rockin? What if my own little circle is tired of my shit? What if someone's Grandmother is reading this right now and dies because I used the word "Shit"?

I don't wanna be Spam.

But I am.

Because I'm selling something, even if it is filled with love. Even if I only want to find an audience that will find joy in what I do,  I'm still selling something.

And you can block me. And you can share me. And you can read me when you want. And ignore me when you want. And you can comment or remain silent.

And if you're the kind of person who stands in the wind and complains about confetti . . .

 . . . well, there's really nothing I can say that's going to make you a better person.

What will make you a better person?

Buying my Stuff.

When I'm ready to sell it to you.

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