Where Ya Been?

So I took off most of June to concentrate on the final revisions of my novel "Selfie" which is slated to be published . . . well . . . I honestly have no idea.

I posted sporadically throughout July and August and sort of hinted all along the way that change was going to rear it's ugly head soon enough.

This week I've been silent because I'm now narrating and producing an audio book, and like any new project, takes a little time to figure out what the hell I'm doing.

I've also got a new daily column with a brand new very very very super left wing online magazine where I take current news headlines and view them through the prism of history.

I got that particular idea from my Throw Back Thursdays, where I've done something similar, but not quite as aggressively lily livered liberal. I actually think I'm funnier when I'm hitting some middle ground, but clicks are clicks are clicks.

I still write for the satire magazine too, which, ahem, is grotesquely fun, but I haven't linked the stuff anywhere because the virility of the content frightened me a bit . . . and to be honest . . . I would much prefer to make people laugh than make people angry.

Yet . .  along with the other daily column I'm starting to see some real live $ coming into my Adsense account.

Not enough to live off of . . . but maybe enough to pay a bill or two, which sort of brings me back to this particular blog and what I should do with it.

I'm not actually sure . . . to say the least. It's been a massive boon for both my technique and for clearing my head, but it was originally intended to help sell albums, and in that, it was sort of a soft whimper in a crowed stadium. You only get to hear it if you're close by.

Anyway, I'm gonna post a little bit here, a little bit there, and by January  I'll have a clearer view (hopefully) of where this is all going.

In the mean time . . . read some books . . . catch up on some old TV . . . stear clear of election coverage  til March, and cross your fingers that I land some place fun, but not too exciting.

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