Facebook Five

So . . . for those of you who go to this blog directly . . . good for you and thanks

Those who find it on Facebook . . . well . . . there's a problem.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.

Totally not true.

And you may have noticed at times that you'd get a pop up dissuading you from going to my site. I may not be viral, but I might be contagious.

Anyway, a lot, of weird little bits have been happening. First, my thumbnail pictures weren't going through, then they would go through but they were all blurry, then I was getting tagged with having to a whole bunch of stuff in order to get this blog passed Facebook's security . . . and now . . . well now I can't post directly at all. I can post a link, but that's it.

The link blocks my ads, btw, which I don't see a lot of income from. But a penny is a penny is a penny.

What concerns me is that I have no idea why. I've never received any notice from Facebook about my content, or even a little note that says "Hey . . . cool it with the metaphors."

So since I'm going to be dealing with this all day, I'm gonna make a quick little Friday Five about why Facebook fears me . . .

One: I don't buy their stuff.
They really want to sell me ads to increase 'likes' or promote my website. I get a little bloop at least twice a week telling me I should really do something. I smile at the bloop, and then delete my browser history. Always delete your browser history.

Two: Not enough baby pictures.
I took a lot of baby pictures in my youth's youth. But I try not to share them anymore, because, simply, I don't want you to know what my kids looks like. BTW, he won't fall for that candy bit. He gets enough at home. You'd be better off tempting him with cheeseburgers.

Three: Not enough motivational posts.
I do want you to feel good about yourself, but I'm not gonna tell you to get off your ass while I'm sitting in yesterday's clothes, not having showered since Tuesday, and eating more than my fair share of cheese.

Four: I complain about the wrong things.
I could write an entire satirical essay on the effects of climate change that blames everyone (especially Californians) for not having solar panels on their houses and get three 'likes' while my step-son will post the words 'homework sucks' and he will get seventy-two 'likes' fifteen comments and a scholarship to The University of Arizona for their master's program in social media.

Five: Maybe . . .  I am Dangerous
It could happen. I could start a revolution. Think of Jonathan Swift and Thomas Paine and all kinds of writers and thinkers who have changed the world. It's not without precedent, and none of them had dinner recipes.

Anyway. Who knows when and or if the problem can be fixed.

Until then . . . link up . . . I'll get my pennies elsewhere.

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