How Cool Is That Five?

So I gave myself a heart attack last night.

Not like a real one, but you know the kind where you think a thought just before you go to bed and you wake up every 37 minutes with your heart beating, your feet sweating, and your wife totally oblivious and now you're seething with jealously because she's on a little island of happiness?

Don't panic everyone.

Everything's fine.

Everything's cool.

There is no news to report.

I just hadn't looked at my step-son's student loan information in a while and I did a quick compound interest math in my head and I went to bed thinking that I was going to be 107 years old before I see the last of Sallie Mae.

I don't know what happened, but I decided to calculate the interest monthly instead of yearly.

Don't ever do that. Cause it's wrong, slightly stupid, and will give you a financial figure that is so ungodly improbable you might never get to sleep again.

Anyway, after a really bad night, I went to my desk second thing (coffee being the first) and started making the calculations with the handy dandy compound interest calculator that Sallie Mae provides.

Whew . . . I was much relieved. Turns out his education will be the financial equivalent of a mid-sized luxury sedan and not the swiss bank account of a member of OPEC. Which, even then might seem like a lot, but we're talking four years at one of the highest rated universities in the country.

So that was pretty cool.

What started all this was, of course tax time, which I'd been kind of avoiding this year because our usual tax guy has resigned which means I have to do all the heavy lifting (mathematically) myself. Yet . . . it turns out, even with the music/writing business, it was pretty simple. I even got to add music royalties for the first time this year.

So that was pretty cool too.

And we're getting a refund.

Also, pretty cool.

In other news, the weather report for the next week is a straight 72 degrees, which from a climate change perspective is frightening, but from a personal perspective it means I don't have to wear pants this week.

Not wearing pants is pretty cool.

And finally for my How Cool Is That Five . . .

I got a note from one of my wife's cousins (who teaches english at a catering school in Italy) that she is using my new recipe blogs for part of her comprehension courses.

That makes me a Pop-Quiz on the other side of the planet.

That's not just pretty cool . . .

That's like totally cool.

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