Check Check one two FIVE

I gotta show tonight so, you know, my writing schedule is a bit off.

But, then my writing schedule can be thrown off by lots of things; weather, traffic, a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg . . .

. . . Leprechauns.

It's not easy pouring your heart out on an elevated stage to three or four of your closest friends and the drummer of the band who won't be going on for another two hours.

But there's free beer, so you know, god loves you.

So to mentally get yourself into that headspace, here are a few pre-sound check rituals:

Check Check One: Pants
Make sure you are wearing pants.

Check Check Two: Warmed Up
Adrenaline is a crazy cat. Go on stage cold, and adrenaline will kick you in the butt. Make your fingers shakes and your voice quiver.  Jumping jacks and bent knee crunches work to tame those butterflies as does playing a full set in your living room an hour or two before showtime. That free beer you think might work, doesn't, shouldn't, and if there are delays (and there's always delays) will turn into two or three, and trust me, it doesn't make you funnier. Ever.

Check Check Three: Equipment
I bring two of everything. Except me. Only one of me.

Check Check Four: Water
Never go on stage without water. You may never even take a sip, but if you sing that first note and realize it's not there, your throat will go drier than, oh I don't know, like dry stuff. Deserts and things.

Check Check Five: Tip Jar
Cause beer isn't always free.

Just watch out for leprechauns.

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