The 40ft POST: Oh, Oh, Oh, Fitz-Magic


I saw that joke on a CBS blog when someone was jokingly disgusted that the Texans were going to have to turn to Fitzpatrick in Week 13.

Little did we know.

Apparently, all Mr. Snuffalupogus needed was a two week nap and then he's like all good.

Like 358 yards and 6 TDs good . . . causse . . . you know . . . NFL.

Anyway, we were having this conversation at my brother's house a few nights ago about Fantasy Football and QB's. My brother, a staunch supporter of the RB, RB, RB Theory, even before I knew what the hell that was, talked startlingly that next year he was going QB, WR, cause absolutely screw RB's (He was one of the unlucky fellows to draft Adrian Peterson). In fact, all three of his first round picks ended up duds (Don't feel bad, he scrounged and traded his way into the playoffs, and had no where near the shameful record I had last year).

But I don't disagree with him.

Except, sorta.

I mean, if Manning, Brees, Rodgers, or Luck fall to me in the first round, I'll probably cave. I will absolutely grab anyone of those in the early second round. But Brady? Yeah he's great now, but he torpedoed your fantasy team the first half of the season and can still have a slow day. And the next tier? Rivers, Stafford, Wilson (Yes, No, Maybe), next tier, Romo and whoever else? I don't know. What about Cutler or Big Ben? They were ninth and tenth round draft picks respectively. I drafted Devonte Freeman before I drafted a Top Seven QB.

If Carolina and San Francisco upgrade their offensive lines I'd go Kaepernick and Newton all day long.

Which sorta leads me to my first point. I read an article this morning talking about the death of the running QB. Which, yeah, like totally makes sense. Why subject your Franchise All Star to that sort of physical punishment?

But the article went on to talk about how not good Colin and Cam turned out to be, which, I kinda wondered if the writer had actually watched a game.

I get that the teams are trying to turn their Running QBs into Pocket Passers. Sure . . . smart. But maybe, just maybe, you might consider hiring an O-Line that doesn't open up lanes for every Outside Linebacker to saunter through?

Ever see how much time Rodgers has in the pocket?

I shit you not, during the Partriots/Packers game I put a rump roast in the oven at 375 degrees when a play started and it was finished cooking by the time Rodgers threw the ball.

Not saying that Aaron doesn't get rushed, or doesn't hold the ball too long, but, you know, team effort.

Anyway, if you were reading anything about drafting QBs this summer, the majority opinion was that you should consider drafting one just before you draft your kicker.

Had you loaded up that theory, you got Tannehill, or RGIII. Sorrry about that.

Since just about everyone at the top of the boards drafted Peyton over, lets say, Megatron, I'm willing to bet that the prevailing wind is going to all aboutgrabbing QBs early next year.

Oh, and just for S&G's, all you guys that went with industry analysis and went Megatron/AjGreen, or Julio/Marshall, yeah dude, sorry about your season. Better luck next year.

So if you didn't do that, and are now into the playoffs, congrats.

Point is . . . no hard and fast rules.

Man . . . it's been all about RB 2011 fun for the past week. Ray Rice could be back, Michael Bush back to a warm place, Chris Ogbanana gets grabbed by the NY Giants (cause . . . David Wilson wasn't answering his pager?) and CJ2K has his first 100yd performance this year.

Didn't he look good? It was as if Rex Ryan had a vision of Moses parting the Red Sea and thought to himself "Gee, I wonder what my running game would look like if we could create some space between the opposing defensive lineman?"

I'm kinda hoping (for all your Gore owners) that Harbaugh saw the Jets game and was all "So that's what that looks like"


I didn't do a blog last week, cause, get this, I was writing a theme song for a television show, so, yeah.

Anyway, this weekend, I noticed that just about all the games look interesting. So much drama! But I'm gonna call out three fron fun anyway:

Offense Lovers: Dallas vs Chicago. I gots a feeling Murray is gonna light it up and Cutler's gonna have to respond with an aerial attack that resembles a drone strike in Pakistan. There's gonna be a lot of collateral damage but I, like the pentagon, will take volume over accuracy.

Defense Lovers: Arizona/Kansas City. I bet we see a bunch of Michael Bush, which means it's gonna be like watching the entire game in slow motion.

WTF Lovers: SanFran v Oakland: This is gonna be an absolute dumpster fire. Honestly, there's no calling any of it.

See above.

ForFuns Team 6-7 (7th place) #1 total points
ForReals Team 7-6 (5th place) #3 total points

So I made the playoffs where it mattered.


But I didn't where it doesn't. And it doesn't matter, but since I was taking seriously a game where half the league didn't bother taking much interest, I'm a trifle confused as to how and what went wrong.

So let's take a look: (Note: I'll do the same thing in ForReals at the end of my season)

To begin, the draft went wonky when my wifi cut out and I ended up drafting Lavonte David instead of Antonio Brown. This happened because I hadn't prepped my queue properly beforehand with rankings and was loading it up with DEF players for the later rounds so I could see when people started drafting LBs. Oooops.

So I kinda missed out on the Top WR in a league that has two WR spots and two Flex spots (WR/RB and WR/TE) and no dedicated TE spot. Having four potential WR spots in the line-up was a thing I was not prepared for emotionally and filled up my bench with RB like I thought I was supposed to.

I did end up with a nice crew of Forte/Bernard/Jennings/Bradshaw, but my WR core started at Percy Harvin and went downhill from there. It was a PPR league, but no points for "Return Yards" which made Harvin . . . hmm . . . pretty shitty after that first game.

Anyway, the league had only two defensive spots, and an eight man bench. Which the other guys were much more clever with (as in having lots of WR's and QB's) Also, the Waiver Wire didn't go live until Wednesday night, which meant that you not only had to grab guys fast, you had to have a high priority, which I didn't cause the first part of my season was awesome. Anyway, just as I was getting my WR up, my RB crew went lame and I just had this string of games where I was going against teams that lucked out (like loading up Big Ben the night he threw 6 TDs) and I got hammered (Like the night Harvin had 3 TDs called back.)

The good thing: I ended up with the highest total score in the league, which means I did some things right, and there was only a single game where I would've won if I'd made a correct roster call. But that's it.

We'll just chalk that up to bad luck and via con dios.

But I am in the REAL playoffs going up against the second highest scorer in the league. This is going to be the toughest match because both of us had record scores last week and the projections a 250 to 235 (both insanely high) Though, he's got Romo and I've got Culter, so tomorrow night is going to be a game to watch.

Now last blog I mentioned that my trades this year had netted me a rolling total of +54.

No bad. (hadn't won me a game, but hadn't cost me one either)

The week after one of my trade guys goes down (Lavonte David) and the other guy on Bye (Kuechly) so that week was a sad -34. Still didn't cost me the game, Cutler and Blue can take the blame for that one.

Last week, I'm back up +13.

So now the trades have netted me a rolling totall of +34, and launched my brother into the playoffs.

He told me that a person in our league mentioned that it wasn't fair that we both got good deals.

I'm not sure that person knows that that's how that's supposed to work.

He gets a bankable offense, I get a bankable defense. That's a lot of wins.

Remember that for next year: Trading = superFun = goodhappythings

(Note: these are from week 12, not last week)

Oakland Beats KC (Awe, heel, yeah)

McCoy goes for 174yds 1TD  (130-1)

Gordon goes 98 yrds (120, but there was a point at the beginning of the 4th when Gordon was at 97 yrds and I just knew Adam was having a heart attack)

Eli gets pulled (not quite, but I don't know how he stays in after five interceptions, one more game like that and I think he should surrender a SuperBowl Ring.)


Colt McCoy throws 350 and 2 TDs (NFL starts scouting highschool coaches for the next Franchise QB)

In NE vs SD, the leading receiver is NOT a tight end (Gronk and Gates still have good games though)

Chris Johnson runs for another 100yrds. (He's sitting on my bench, so why not?)

Atlanta and Green Bay combined score of 73 (Jordy and Julio down by the schoolyard)

Matt Shaub doesn't play, but still manages to throw a Pick-Six from the sidelines.

Remember: Only three more weeks of Fantasy and then it's Christmas.

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