The 40ft POST: Oh the weather outside is . . .

So my son came up to me this morning pacing back and forth and trying to explain to me what our schedule was going to be for the day.

First, he was going to finish his math homework, then take a break, then he was going to do his reading, then we were going to the skate park, then he is going to research for his biography homework (Tony Hawk) while I made dinner. Then he was going to take another break, eat, and then finish his Friday homework.

"Great" I told him as is finished my coffee. "Except it's raining outside and the skatepark is going to be closed."


Then he proceded to give me the same list again with another break inserted where the trip to the skate park used to be.

I applaud his organization, but I gotta admit, a proactive nine year old makes me nervous. I'm not sure I want to be raising a Stephen Covey disciple just yet. Really, if there is any type of productive behavior I want him to exhibit, it's getting all of the food into his mouth instead of on the floor.

The kid can solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute but can't find his face with a fork.

But we did learn a little lesson today which is that it's time to start planning for the weather.

Now, I'll admit, there probably will be just enough rain to water my lawn, but if you happen to be a Bill's fan in upstate New York then it's time to consider getting that flame thrower out of the garage.

70 inches of snow dropped on Buffalo the last few days and that is going to have some serious impact. With a change in the weather, comes a change in the game. Lots of slip-sliding on the field, lots of passes dropped, lots of ankles twisted, the Northern Teams hang tight, the southern teams go all WTF, and the jury is out on Peyton Manning, who, traditionally, doesn't fare-thee-so-well when the mercury drops, and no one is gonna know who to blame with Sanders/Thomas/Ball out for a bit.

Food for thought anyway. There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going.

"All Day" is All Done, All year. Awe gee. Bummer.

In the fun news Gordon's coming back to the field just in time to see Cleveland into a play-off bid. Everyone who was holding him all season now gets to stare at the screen in trepidation.

I would've been that guy, but I traded him away last week (and am mighty satisfied either way)

Also Ben Tate has been waived. Kinda sad really. Maybe the Raiders will put in a bid. They apparently have a fondness for RB's with injury issues.

And Blount gets dropped for throwing a temper tantrum and also for being a bad influence on Leveon Bell. If Cleveland picks him up . . . that is going to be one Hot-Boxed locker room.

Denver . . . all of it.
Allen Robinson, Brandon Cooks, RGIII's entire team (according to RGIII), and RGIII's footwork (according to RGIII's coach). Ahmad Brook's feelings are hurt (but not injured). Bradshaw broke a leg which sucks because he's been awesome and now we get to see the 3rd Act of Trent Richardson.

Giovanni Bernard might be back and we get see if he can . . . I'm really really sorry for this . . . get over the Hill.

And Jennings is workhorse worthy again, just in time for the Ultimate Collapse of Eli.

Who is the back-up QB for the Giants? Cause he's really gotta start warming up.

Alrighty, last week I called out the Green Bay/ Philly game for some serious offense (53-20), damn, so much offense. Aaron Rodgers was straight up laughing at the Eagle Dee. He is one cold ass honkey.

And for the Defense juggernaut I called out Detroit/Arizona (6-14). Holly crap Stafford was awful. He's got Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate to throw to and can't connect . . . like at all. The nice bit is that Joique is finally getting yards after contact. He's gonna be the one to watch when the snow hits Motor City.

This week in the Defensive Division Matchup, Arizona and Seattle go toe to toe in what is likely to be the lowest scoring game ever.


And on the Offensive flip side, Detroit is gonna have to get their aerial attack back if they wanna make the New England game fun to watch. I think they're gonna play super angry and Brady won't just laugh in the face of Det's Dee, he will send their mothers YouTube clips of every completion he makes during the game, in real time.

I do not think, however, we're gonna see much of Gray. Not that he's not worth a flier on your Fantasy Team, but only Brady and Gronk are allowed to have back to back near legendary games. Everyone else has to take turns. (I may actually gamble on LaFell, haven't decided yet.)

which brings us to . . . . 

ForFuns League (6-5) 5th place, 2nd in points.
ForReals League (6-5) 3rd place, 2nd in points.

These next two weeks (in both Leagues) is gonna be all about the wins. There is not a whole lotta diversity in either group, in fact, in the ForReals League there are five teams that are 6-5.

Now last week in ForReals, I finally got to take down the undefeated, top of the list, highest average score in league history, team. They finally had THAT GAME, the one where eveything goes wrong, and I had THAT GAME, the one where everything goes right. It wasn't even close.

Now the one mar in my stat sheet was from the guy I made such a big deal about in last week's column, Golden Tate. (Remember . . . I said "Go With Your Guy" and he was "My Guy") I said he was gonna get 12 looks and 10 catches, a number which turned out to be 4 and 2 respectively. Not my shiniest moment.

But . . . my trade went through and I loaded up Maclin and Blue and well . . . that was nice. I traded away Gordon for Maclin and was told implicitly that I should watch out because Sanchez wasn't looking in his direction. Thank goodness for garbage time. No bullets were bitten.

Now in my ForFuns League, it was a brutal neck and neck. I should have blown off the doors but my Sanu/Lafell WR combo didn't combine and Bradshaw went down and Kaep didn't connect and by Monday Night I was two points down with my kicker (Suisham) going against his WR (Martavious Bryant) and i just assumed I was doomed.

Good thing he didn't have Antonio Brown.

I won by 4 points.

So last week, if you remember, I wanted to initially trade Sproles (a possible McCoy handcuff) to the guy who had McCoy, for Alfred Blue (a probable Foster handcuff). It seemed fair and realistic, but it opened the flood gates for an hour long bartering session (via Text) which resulted in a six man trade.

Kaepernick, Gordon, and Gore for Maclin, Blue, and Lavonte David.

Now this was an augmented trade because earlier I traded away McCoy for Gore and Kuechly.

Doing the math for the first week, I ended up giving away 15 points.

The second week, I ended up ahead by 20, giving me a net increase of 5.

Not exactly a ball buster.

This week however, with Foster out, a garbage time Maclin, and the best LB play I've had all year, I go up 49 points, giving me a net gain (so far) of 54 points.

None of that has made a difference in the head to head game, and depending upon how McCoy and Gordon finish out the season, it might end up being a net wash, but the trading has done exactly what it is supposed to do which is shore up my weaknesses.

The deadline has passed, so it's too late for you now, but don't be so shy next year.

Oakland beats San Diego (no, but the final score was 6-13, it's gonna happen)

Aldon Smith Sacks Eli 3 times. (The sacks went to Lynch and McDonald, but Aldon scared Eli into throwing five . . . FIVE . . . interceptions and squeezing out a little more pee than was warrented) Don't let Eli drink too much Gatorade before taking on Dallas this week, just a thought.

Sanchez hits Maclin for 100yrds (93)

Detroit beats Arizona (Shucks Nah. But a 6-14 loss was shameful)

I win both Fantasy Games (Yes . . . yes I did)


Oakland beats Kansas City or if not, Knile Davis has 113 yrds.

McCoy goes for 174yds and a TD. He is so due . . . so due.

Gordon goes for exactly 98yrds giving my brother heart palpatations.

Eli gets pulled from the game. He is so due . . . so due.

Tate goes to Indy (Cause the Colts love Brown sloppy seconds), Blount goes to Denver (Because that's where the weed is) and Rice and Peterson open up a FroYo Franchise as part of their rebranding. Who doesn't love FroYo?

And with that . . . the rain is picking up . . . so be careful out there . . . people forget how to drive when the roads get all wet . . . unless you're driving with Eli cause he's very unlikely to hit anything.

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