Week in Review: Timing and Luck

Had a very nice show up in wine country on Friday.

However, three hours in 98 degree heat, we're gonna go ahead and add that to the list of things that remind me of how old I am.

That list is getting long.

I lost a lot of water weight that night, and speaking of weight;

Week in Diet:
So I get this book from my brother. At first I thought it was a joke, cause it's a two inch thick coffee table book which claims to help me lose 72 pounds before Halloween, run a 38 second mile, and the secrets of a female anatomy. But because I can't leave a book unread (unless said book was written by Margaret Mitchell) I sat back on the couch and gave it a whirl. 

And I found it interesting.

Interesting enough, that I thought,"Hell, why not?"

There's nothing crazy about it. Protein, Legumes, vegetables. No carbs, no dairy, no calorie counting. Lots of water, lots of vitamins, red wine totally allowed and one binge day per week.

It was the wine and the binge day that sold me. In fact, you're supposed to go crazy on binge day. I picked Sunday cause, you know, football.

This will not turn into a health blog, I promise. Although, I must say, that with all these vitamins, I have been peeing some really fascinating colors.

Urine jokes are, and will remain, standard.

I will probably keep the updates going however. This is a blog after all.

Week in TV:
I didn't watch, well much, but I did catch the Burbank National Car Auction. Not riviting stuff, unless you're a car nut (guilty). The takeaways from this eight hour long auction (I didn't watch the whole thing, I cooked, cleaned, wrote, and peed) but the takeaways were pretty interesting.

Did you know that right now is the time to start buying the low end Feraris? Apparently the suped stuff is like really hot right now, but the introductory models haven't caught up yet.

Did you know that there was such a thing as a low end Ferrari? Me neither.

I also discovered that collectors who modify or customize vehicles are - what's the word - completely devoid of rational taste.

Orange may be the new black, but it's a terrible color on a car, and why in god's name would you remove the bench seats and install bucket seats? You buy cars for one reason and one reason only. To impress girls.

And if you can get those lucky girls into your car, then you're gonna want bench seats.

(That was a felatio joke in case you were wondering)

Also, I learned, that Jay Leno might not be all that funny, but he knows a metric ton about cars.

Next time I go to buy a classic car, I'm definitely taking him with me.

Week in Movies:
Got couch lazy and watched Harry Potter 7.1 and 7.2. Thems be some good movies.


Kick-Ass 2 became available on HBOgo, and since I liked the first one, I gave it a watch.

Terrible. Just, terrible. I lost interest about 18 seconds in and struggled through the next 12 minutes before I gave up the ghost.

Then, since I was already cozy, and so disappointed in Kick-Ass 2 that I didn't want to even find an action flick, right next to it, one swipe to the left was a chick flick called "The Family Stone"

I'm a total chick flick kinda guy anyway, and well, Rachel McAdams.

And I can't give you a complete review, cause I got bored about seven minutes into it and went to see what new exciting shade of neon was going to come streaming out of my urinary tract.

Side note: If you also have a perfectly reasonable/healthy crush on Rachel McAdams, and a timely need for a chick flick, I suggest the movie "About Time" It's amazeballs.

Week In Music:
My nephew and his band (DateNight) released a new single "Chloe" and you can find the video here:

It's a sweet, sentimental acoustic tune with a nice Ryan Adams vibe and they're using it to help promote a positive body image organization. Kudos.

I betcha they'd have no problem playng for three hours in 98 degree weather.

Cause they're like not fat old men.

Speaking of fat old men;

This Week in Rejection:
I got two, cout 'em, two more song rejections yesterday, and I'm finding that even though I fully know the how important a thick skin is, I still get disappointed. Every damn time.

I've got really good stack of rejection letters going now and each one, without fail, is a little stab in the heart.

Can't avoid it. Timing and luck are and will always be the most significant factors in a subjective medium. And I'm not bad at what I do, I'm just not what they're looking for.

That, and apparently I don't know how write a catchy chorus. (That's not true, like, at all, but the secret to a catchy chorus is repetition, not quality. Nobody sings along with Katy Perry after the first listen either)

There's a trick to surviving rejection, which I'll share, especially for my nephew, who, if he continues to take music seriously, is gonna get his fair share of as well.

The secret is feel it.

Let it hurt.

Mope about for a day or two.

Then send out another one.

Timing and luck.

Timing and luck.

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