Five to Show Time

As I start today's blog, I realized two things:

One: I've got five-ish hours to showtime tonight.

Two: I've actually done this list before (or something like it) but that list was all about preparation, this list is about the hours themselves. (Yeah, Take that self-plaguerism)

Anyway, since each performance is different, so too should the run up to each performance be.

Other professionals would and should disagree with me, but this is a job for rebels . . . Dottie.

Let's cap my five hour countdown:

1:00pm to 2:00pm
Eat a hearty lunch of eggs and tater tots. Sounds like breakfast, and it is. I've only just got out of bed. I haven't decided between ranch, ketchup, or sriraccha sauces for dipping. More on that later, but while the tots are a cooking, I will be vacuuming and dusting. I do this because I was asked to by my wife. Being a house-dad is pretty demeaning. Three months from now she's going to be yelling at me to grab her a beer and telling me to shut up during the football games. She'll probably smack my butt at some point. By December I'll be crying on the phone to my mother at least twice a week.

2:00pm to 3:00pm
Rehearsal and set list finalization. Warm up them vocal chords and decide if I really wanna chance the Pat Benatar tonight.

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Shower, shave, clothing, loading equipment, and that's all for Calvin who is spending the rest of the afternoon at Nonnie's house. I will have to do some of that too. You wouldn't think this would take most of an hour, but if you've ever been able to get flipflops on an eight year old in under 63 minutes, then you should write a goddamn book.

4:00pm to 5:00pm
Last minute touches. Hair gel. Empty dishwasher (I told you she was a task mistress). Get the boy to Nonnie's.

5:00pm to Showtime
Travel, greet, set up, sound check, three shots of whiskey with a luke warm Corona Light as a chaser, Vivaldi, amphetamine, Roy Scheider in a bolo hat, jazz hands.

(To answer two earlier questions: Sriraccha and there will be no Benatar tonight.)

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