Danglin Dog-Day Five

Summer's almost over.

Kids go back to school next week.

Poor things.

And I have to start getting up early and making breakfast.

Poor me.

Anyway, it's been a lovely summer and I thought I'd reminisce.

First Up: The Rubik's Cube competition
In February, my son made me learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube cause he wanted to learn how to do it too. By April we were ordering speed cubes so that he could get his time down. By May he was averaging less than a minute on the 3X3, and less than twenty second on the 2X2 and the Pyraminx. By June, at eight years old, he participated in his first competition. He came in fourth from last place, but was the youngest dude there and is now a nationally ranked speed cube competitor.

If that last paragraph didn't absolutely reek of parental pride then you gots to go get your nose checked.

Second: The Harmony Pedal
For really the first time I made an investment in my sound rather than in hustling for gigs. The vocal harmony pedal took my live show up a good fifteen notches and I finally feel good up there.

Third: The Water Park
Calvin finally convinced me to take him to the water park, which despite living right next door to it for almost a decade, we had never done. Well, we've done it now.

Fourth: The Little Garden that Couldn't
We did everything we could, even got the experts involved, but our pretty little vegetable garden hasn't harvested much more than a handful of hot peppers and cherry tomatoes. There is hope though; With the cooler weather coming in, some of the plants think it's spring and are flowering, so who knows?

Fifth: The Moment I've Been Waiting For

I got offered a gig.

Which doesn't sound all that exciting.

But I got offered a gig from a venue that I've never solicited.

Did you get that?

A venue actually sought me out!

I just got 'word-of-mouthed'

In a video game we would call that 'Leveling Up'

I wonder what next summer is gonna look like.

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