TBT: Best Laid Plans

I love doing the Throwback Thursday. I'll spend an hour or two searching through hundreds of digital files and then when something hits me as being precious or currently relevant I'll spend another hour or two writing about it.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that there were rules to ThrowBack Thursday, but those rules basically stated that you can't post something from yesterday, and if you missed the window, you are a jerk for trying to make 'Flashback Friday' happen.

It's not gonna happen.

Now this . . . this is a total forward pass to throw out a throwback.

Just about a year ago, I decided to leave my cool coffee job and see what I could make of myself as some kind of artist. Before actually quitting, I spent all of my spare time in July honing my live sound, writing daily, and planning the whole of 2014 so that I could have a good template for success.

That's what a good business does. It plans for the year and then executes that plan.

My plan was aggressive, but conservative, yet by the time we got to the execution stage, it turned out to be a ridiculous underestimation of everything I've ever wanted to do ever.

See, it takes time to do things.

Lots of time.

And when you're doing things for the first time, it takes a lot more time than that.

This short book: A collection of my Friday Fives, was slated to be released in the beginning of February.

But that's not how art works.

Like ever.

If you ever get the chance to peruse my planning calendar, you might be surprised to find out by July 2014 I would have released this book, a memoir of the latest album, a collection of Monday essays, and a live album. Right now I was supposed to be on a little summer festival tour.




But this collection has now been released.

And there are some things that I couldn't fix. One, it's only available for the iPad (for now), Two, it can only be read in 'Portrait' mode, and three, a studious person might think that it's kinda gauche to try and sell a collection of posts that can easily be found for free with a little digging.

Well, to answer that question, I've included a lot of post post commentary and lots and lots of cool pictures never before seen. And the reason I'm selling it for the low low price of $2.99 is because I plan to use the proceeds from this venture to fund the next one. (and maybe get myself some new shoes.)

This week, I'm planning the rest of this year and some of 2015.

I have no confidence in any of these plans, but they're good to have.

I can't say I'll walk into this next year solvent. And I can't say what new ideas will lead me in different directions. I can't say what kind of Throw Back Thursday Post I'll be writing in July of 2015.

I can say this . . . the book is funny.

You will laugh.

And you will feel like it was $2.99 well spent.

And when you slide through it, I want you to remind yourself, that nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to, but that's the way it's meant to go.

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