Mid Summer Nights Five

Reaching the mid summer point.

Pretty soon my birthday month will be over and I'll have to figure out how to start getting up early enough to take Calvin to school.

So since we have reached the midsummer point I thought I'd Five Out with some of the cool goings on.

First: Lots of Shows
I had three shows in June, I'll have done six in July, and another four already booked for August.Man, it's kinda like I was planning on doing this for a living. 

Second: Killed a Black Widow
Das rite. Since we canceled the ridiculously expensive pest control dudes we've been finding a few little bugs here and there. Found this monster black spider with two marble sized egg sacs not more than a foot away from my rosemary plant. One thing I'd like to point out is those things are fast. And if you want to end their tyranny quick, you're gonna need at least a half a can of spider spray. Calvin got to watch and I told him never to tell his mom what he saw and like a trouper he stayed close lipped. I broke the news to her after she found the can of spray under the sink.

Third: Finally washed my car.
Now you wouldn't think that would be a big deal, but there is a strict water conservation policy in my home town and they want us all to take our cars through the car washes instead of apply our own handiwork. But this means I have to wait until the Echo runs out of gas so I can take it through one of those gas station car washed for $6 bucks instead of the $20 dallar ones. The problem: The Echo never runs out of gas.

Four: My lawn is overrun by crab grass.
Gosh I feel terrible about this. But it's green at least. It had been brown for so long. It's gonna take a hellava lot of effort to fix. Maybe I'll make that my next summer project.

Five: "Honey, Now that you're meatier you can finally fit into this linen shirt."
Yeah. She actually said that. "Now that you're meatier." And it's true. I'm totally meatier. I meant to get my ass into shape with all kinds of excercise and good eating, but it's been so hot outside and carbs are so delicious.

And, in her oddly put defense, she does insist that she likes me meatier.

Who am I to argue with her or a plate of potato salad?

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