Pulling Teeth

Monday afternoon at the dentist office. 

It's also Rubik's Cube Day, for those of you who follow such things. 

Found a competition for Calvin to go to in Sunnyvale, but there's no heat for the Pyraminx, so he's not sure he wants to go. 

He's been looking for competitions for the last month and it's funny cause he'll run into the living room and ask me where New Jersey is or how far away Las Vegas is.

And I tell him they might as well be on the moon. 

Sunnyvale is close though. And we can be back by eight, just long enough for me to set up for a show that night. 

Might be the weirdest Saturday ever. 

Cubing in the mornin, rockin in the evenin. 

Calvin keeps asking when they are gonna call him.

I don't know. 

Getting information from a dentists receptionist is like pulling teeth. He he. 

There are no cell phones allowed in the treatment room so I have to finish this entry quick. Or be the kind of rule breaking ass hat that puts a hard working receptionist in a position where she may or may not have to say something. 

"Sir sir " she might say and then point to the sign on the door. 

" Oh right" I might say in response. Like I didn't see it, but we both know I didn't care. 

But, I hate being that guy, so we're gonna play by the rules if we can, and I'll keep this quick. 

It's Rubik's Cube Day!  40 years of the puzzle. Go to Googles front page and there is a digital cube for you to solve if that's the kind of thing you do when you do things.

I'll be twiddling my thumbs, or you know, futzing with the cube because I forgot to bring a book.

There are four dentist chairs and each one has a little clock, but all of them are different, and none of them are right. One is five minutes off, one is twelve minutes off, one is seven minutes off and the last is only two minutes off, but it's in military time. 

It's not OCD that's compelling me to fix them all, just a little common courtesy.

What does it say about a group of people that have that many clocks in their office and no one has bothered to get them to work in sequence?

Also, just as a side note, dentists should never put any clocks in their offices. Do you really want a nervous eight year knowing exactly how long they've been waiting?

I hear drilling. 

Boy is that a terrible sound.

Happy Cube Day : )

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