TBT: All the Things

You know what there aren't a lot of?

Cowboy Firemen in feety pajamas.

You know why?


There aren't a lot of five year olds with the guts to be everyone's hero in comfortable couture.

With the added super power of the super slide when padded soles meet the greasy shag.

Nobody knows what they want to be when then grow up, so this boy has decided to be ALL the things.

He doesn't change much over the next 32 years.

Same thin lips and steely gaze. Same left handedness and still requires a chin strap to put on a hat.

There are sublet differences though.

He's much taller now. And doesn't like his feet being covered when he sleeps. He never did get to drive a fire truck and he's pretty positive that he'll never ride a horse or fire a six shooter from the hip.

He doesn't cry as much during bath time.

He eats his vegetables.

He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, and he still thinks he can be ALL the things.

In fact the central problem of his life right now is what to be and where.

Being all the things, to all the people and all the places, all the time, is confusing.

Not impossible,

just confusing.

Which is why he picked this picture today.

Cause there's a boy who wants to be all the things, and sees nary an obstacle.

His only concern is waiting for mom to leave the living room so he can run his baby brother over with his fire truck.

Cause it's Black Hat Day.

And when it's Black Hat Day, someone's getting run over with a fire truck.

Those are the rules.

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