First Takes-Sit By Me (and an "Ooops, I'll fix that later")

So this week I thought it might be fun to try and combine a live recording with some of my writing.

Why, yes, I did get the idea from watching Star Wars.

Why, no, I'm not ashamed.

Artistry borrows, Genius steals.

So, fixed camera, grainy black and white almost ambient filming, with an adaptation of one of my old essays scrolling along.

In putting it together I had all kinds of fun.

There were all these new kinds of challenges, like how to edit to a specific word count, and how to pace it so it's followable, but not boring.

Problems: The Star Wars scroll cuts off at the edges of the screen, so at first it feels kinda like you're reading only the middle of each sentence. Ooops.

And I kinda edited it on my 24" computer screen, without thinking, that maybe, you're going to be watching this on your iPhone. The font is way too small, so, sorry, you're just going to have to enjoy the song by itself.

Now you're probably asking "Why post if its not perfect?"

Cause, it's going to be a long time before I have any real mastery of this format, and my whole artistic product is about journey not destination.

Even Doctors refer to their work as mere "Practice" so think of my stuff as being somewhat of a public colonoscopy.

No, on second thought, don't think about that at all.

At all.

Just watch and listen, or just listen, or whatever, and tell me what you think, or don't.

Please do.

and thank you.

Tap the picture to take you to YouTube. :)

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