First Takes - When Will the World Explode

"Drives me crazy. I had it all mapped out and nothing went like I planned." He said.

"Happens that way sometimes." She said consolingly.

"No, it happens that way every time. Drives me crazy." he sighs.

And it does. And you would think, my being a relatively smart person, that I would know that by now learned to just go with it, but nope, life is always such a supreme surprise in crisis management.

Every damn time.

Good thing is is that I learned a lot. This shoot looks cooler. Sound is a bit better. Song has a bit more pace and I was able to add lyrics (Although I couldn't seem to put them where I wanted them. Eh, next time)

I added just a slice of harmonies to the chorus, so I cheated out a bit, I couldn't help myself.

And I've got about an hours worth of extra outdoor footage that I couldn't sync up, so less work in weeks to come.

This song was a request from Joann, it's one of her favorites off the new album.

The song is about Calvin discovering mortality for the first time. He was terrified of "Warning" and "Danger" signs. He was also obsessed about the relative strength of things, wood versus metal, swords versus spears, and what could break what, and when I told him that everything breaks, he paused, and I shit you not, he said this:

"You can't break water"

It also happens to be about the time where I was really beginning to master parenting/therapist at this level by teaching him how to swim, so the Breaking Water metaphor has two meanings.

He was also constantly needing me to repeat things. The conversation would go like this:

What's that sign say?

Its say's Yield.

What's it say?


Is that really what it says?

So the lyric is one side of a conversation, which is a poet's conceit that forces a reader to insert the other half of the conversation. It's never used in lyrics because the listener doesn't have the time for that kind of frippery. I used it a lot throughout the entire album, because I'm an obnoxious dick head.

For the casual listener, I wanted the anxious feeling of the frenetic guitar coupled with the melody being slightly behind the beat to give it an out of breath quality and to really drive home the "When is it MY day?, do these hands feel cold?"

The last conceit was the double negative on "No, you can't not know"

He was furious whenever there was a question I couldn't answer.

I wished it came out better when sung, it sounds like "No you cannot know." but to hit the plosive too hard sounded terrible, so just consider the written portion a little easter egg for you and I to enjoy.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated, here, there and everywhere.

If this link doesn't work on your mobile device, hit "This Button" and it should take you right to YouTube. You're the best, Thank you.

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