ThrowBackThursDay: Go Long

I just finished a new Bill Bryson book.

Summer 1927.

It was the summer Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic, Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, the first "Talkie" killed the silent film star and the Central Bank put into place the polices that would lead to the crash and the depression.


If you're a Bill Bryson fan you'll enjoy the book.

If you're not, become one.

This picture is right around 1927. Give or take. Probably more take than give. These two look just a little too happy to have had kids yet.

Which they would in 1927.

These are my mom's dad's parents.

He's got an incredible head of hair and about thirty years left to live.

Her, the only time I've ever seen her smile, and another sixty.

The funny story I have of her is that she always called my father "John" because both my mother's sisters married men named "John." I'm sure she learned a lot of names during her time on this earth, but by the seventies she was done.

Last time I saw her, I too was called "John"

So I've decided, if I live to 2065, I'm going to start smoking again and calling everyone John. Cause who's gonna correct me?

This was before MySpace so I don't know what their favorite songs were or what movies they were fans of and the only recipe of hers I think we've got left is a german strudel which we get to enjoy on Christmas Day.

My mom makes it. My brother makes it. I don't, cause, you know, carbs.

Rumor has it the only recipe of his was a mean martini.

Hence the relatively early death.

I don't know how men wore such high waisted pants. But we definitely lost a little bit when we started wearing watches on our wrists.

And no, hipster, there ain't no going back.

Dresses could make a comeback though.

Which would be awesome.

Whoever convinced girls that pants were more comfortable than skirts was a jerk.

And possibly a communist.

I like this picture most cause of the smiles. People looked so grim in early photographs because they had to sit perfectly for a long time in order to have a clear picture, but right around the turn of the century shutter speeds improved and could give us the "Snap Shot"

Say cheese.

He said "Cheese"

I think she said "Hmmph"

Which is girl speak for "Take the gosh darn picture! I've got strudel in the oven."

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