Twas the Five before Christmas

'Tis the five before Christmas.

I had a whole bunch of different five ideas for today, but sadly, and shamelessly, I kept getting distracted, so I'm cheating and doing a holiday themed five cause I know I can knock it out quickly and then go warm up a cup of tea.

Five Traditional Musts for the end of year festival of lights:

Tree decorating to the Jackson Five Christmas album. I don't know when this became the tradition, but it did and it's awesome. This year we lucked out with a beautiful 9-10 foot tree and it took Joann two full hours to put up the ornaments. I needed a ladder to hang the lights. We're having friends over for dinner tonight and they're going to have to eat at the coffee table because there's no room left in our dining room for dining. A stuffed Pikachu is our angel of choice. It's the best tree ever.

I will once again brave fantastic heights in order to hang the lights all around our house. During this time I will once again make a joke about how this is the last year I will be doing this. From this day forward, we will either leave the lights up all year, or set fire to the house.

We will carve out four quiet hours to watch "Its a Wonderful Life" I will cry at the part when the little girl Mary leans over to George's deaf ear and say "Greorge Bailey, I will love you forever." Bawl like I was pregnant and watching a phone commercial.

I have to come up with a different non-secular, non-offensive greetings for the season. This year I've chosen "Happy Merry Holla New Year" It's going viral, I can feel it in my bones.

Since I'm no longer in Retail, I have decided that it's time to start a new tradition. That tradition is enjoying the holidays. From this day forth, I will no longer dread the weeks between Thanksgiving and January 2nd, I will enjoy the company of people, and when I shop, I will stop and listen to whatever version of Silent Night is playing on the Muzak system and I will be glad, for it is my favorite song. I will smile, and look people in the eye, and my only complaint is that I'll need a bigger box for all the love I have to give.

Happy Merry Holla New Year to All,

And to all, a Happy Merry Holla New Year.

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