Five Little Confessions

Had my first actually busy day since Operation "Terrify My Parents" began. I got up before 10. I worked on my core. I went for a heart pounding bike ride. I made a smoothie. I went to Home Depot to get some stuff for some fix-it projects. Finished said fix-it projects. Made what might be considered the greatest tuna melt in the history of fish sandwiches. Picked up the child from school. Did the dishes. Hand-crafted a new paper airplane for said child. (Which sounds easy, but there were over two pages of detailed instruction and they were written in Chinese).

So, suffice it to say, today's Friday Five is going to be a bit lighter than normal cause I still have a bedroom to get ready for guests and start making what might be considered the greatest meatloaf in the history of modern suburban culture.

And since this is a new me, and I too am just getting to know this new me, I thought I would start with a few little tidbits (confessional tidbits I have learned about my self over this past week)

Number One: I like turkey bacon.
No, silly person, not as a substitute for actual bacon. There is no such thing. Turkey bacon will not flavor a chili or give you anything but a terrible BLT, but by it's lonesome, or casually laid between the cheese and the thin layer of basil on what was arguably the best tuna melt ever, turkey bacon has found a place in my heart in the pantheon of remarkable food choices.

Number Two: I was really looking forward to Kati Perry's new single.
But it's terrible. Not terrible in a One Direction sort of way, but just a terrible mishmash of meaningless drivel. I know I shouldn't get my heart set on the quality of a new pop anthem, it's not like Tom Waits would ever quote Eye of the Tiger, but somewhere, the best pop artists and technicians were sitting in a room with millions of dollars at their disposal, and not a single one thought to mention that every line is from another song. There wasn't a single person in that room with the audacity to come up with a single original metaphor? You have the rapt attention millions of impressionable minds and the best you got is a Helen Reddy knockoff? Boo.

Number Three: I secretly love Fix-it Projects.
I don't want a list. I have other things to do. But the look on my wife's face when I was able to take ten feet of PVC pipe, a couple of elbow joints and a hacksaw, and in just a few minutes fix a drainage problem that has been bothering us for years, well . . . some one's getting lucky.

Number Four: Video Games are too complicated for me now.
Calvin brought his Xbox out to the living room so he could play on the big screen. I have been secretly playing some of his games after everyone goes to bed. But I don't understand them. They're too hard and there are too many buttons. I am officially out of that particular loop.

Number Five: Calvin holds me hand when we walk together.
I'm not sure when that's supposed to stop, but I'll take it every chance I can get it.

Time for a beer.

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