Fifteen Minute Five


Race is on.

I've got fifteen minutes to write, post, and distribute today's Friday Five before my wife drags me out to do some food shopping.

Family Time.

So in honor of my quick turn around, here is Five things one could do in fifteen minutes. (Note: this list will not include all the dirty stuff you just thought of.):

Number One: Empty your email box.
For some, this could take moments. For others this could take years. I usually knock this out in about fifteen unless Guitar Center is having its biggest weekly sale of the century.

Number Two: Make Mac n Cheese
Boil water. Add Pasta. Wait till pasta is soft. Add powder and butter and tuna and maybe some leftover broccoli and viola.

Number Three: Listen to the B Side.
My uncle posted a pole for the Best A Side of an album of all time. I love his poles, but I couldn't play cause I'm only thirty seven and I've never owned a record player. Shush you vinyl heads, I'm cool, but I'm not analogue cool

Number Four: Groom a boy
Trim nails. Brush teeth. Mat down hair. Clip a few grey whiskers. Add a pinch of Old Spice.

Number Five: Get an eight year old out of the house and into the car.
Oh he will kick, he will scream, he will whine, he will beg, he will forget you ever asked him anything and he doesn't know where his shoes are. he will forget his sword, he will forget his Nintendo DS, he will still not be able to find his shoes, but this time he needs a drink of water. And he has to pee. Which he does right on his shoes.

Fifteen Minute Five:

In five
two . . .

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