A Snot Nosed Five

Aw yeah.

Its official.

Gots me a little cold.

Which wouldn't be that bad. I've had them before and lived to tell the tale; I absolutely love baths and soup, my Netflix cue is filled to the brim, and the little one is at nonnie's house.

But here's the rub. "Wait . . . Dad?" has gone live on iTunes as of 2:00pm yesterday afternoon. I've got hours of updates to do for websites and Facepages and YouToobs. Disks need to be sent to radio stations, magazine critics and friends of friends who might have friends who know people. I've got an entire acoustic set to rehearse for, blogs to write, and a real job that needs me fast and on my feet and awake at 4:00am. Everything hurts and I haven't gotten more than five hours sleep in a week.

I'm gonna make it all happen, but a head full of snot won't exactly grease the skids.

So heres to the Top Five worse times to get a cold:

1. Wedding Day
Self explanatory, I know, but DayQuill and Cabernet mixed, can be lethal. I'll have the Chicken Ricola.

2. Olympic Finals
Imagine trying to hold in a sneeze on the parallel bars.

3. Any day the temperature is over 86
Hot and sticky squared.

4. Leaving on a jet plane.
Wanna be hated more than you've ever been hated? Ask for a window seat, turn your head, and cough. Even the mom with the cranky baby is gonna sneer.

5. Anytime, anywhere where there's not a beautiful wife to bring you orange juice and cook you chicken soup.
Mom's can do that too I guess. And concerned neighbors and friends or whatever. But if there's a choice . . . well . . . you get the idea.

And that, my friend, is greasing the skids.

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