Omens and Otter Pops

I've come to the conclusion that Otter Pops don't taste the same way anymore. I also don't remember there being a banana flavor. I thought they were much bigger than they are now, and I remember than being much more easy to tear open with your teeth, a thought that should send shivers down every mothers spine.

There are a few continuous truths about Otter Pops that remain untarnished. First, come summer time, they are always around, you can have as many as you want and your mom will forget to put them in the freezer the night before the hottest day of the year and it will take another millenium before they're cold enough to eat, so the first few batches will be more cold liquid than tasty ice. Second, after the first few hundered are consumed, you will notice that the roof of your mouth will be so scratched up you might as well ave been sucking on glass shards. The plastic too, is razor sharp and your entire pie hole will be a throbbing mess and you'll have to invent entirely new ways of consuming them. You'll have to break them up in the wrapper and use your hands to soften and liquify the cold blue goodness and drink it slowly as if it was the last form of liquid you are gonna get till you get to the end of the desert.

And there is a final truth about Otter Pops that is not so much the consumming of the classic summer treat, but the disposal of the evidence.

Every mom in the world knows that no matter how diligent you are in picking up after your little angel, you will continue to find empty wrappers throughout your household long after your children have gone to college. My mom finds empty Otter Pop wrappers hiding in the cushions of furnature that she purchased long after I was married. They are sticky, promiscuous, and scietifically the least biodegradable substance on earth.

(Thats not entirely true. But they do rate a close third behind nuclear cooling rods and yellow lego pieces.)

Calvin loves his Otter Pops. Every twenty minutes or so the door will open, I'll hear him prance into the kitchen, the opening and closing of the freezer, the little snip snip as he clips the end off (the end by the way that becomes a pile of ends in the kitchen sink) and then finally the door opens and slams shut again. Because of this, it is impossible to nap during Otter Pop season.

I really shouldn't be napping anyway.

I gots way too much to do.

Releasing an album takes more than just a few clicks of the mouse. There are shows to book, websites to build, videos to shoot. I've got to find cool clothes and cool musicians to play with. I've got to diet and exercise, budget my time, budget my money, budget my life. this one is different than the last. Its bigger, its better, its faster, and bolder, and meaner, and catchier. This one means more than the last and I owe it my due diligence.

Cause the world is about to change. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it beneathe my skin. There's a tingle of unlimited possibility that I haven't felt since I was young enough to enjoy an Otter Pop on a hot day.

And I know I'm gonna cut the roof of my mouth trying to suck all that wonderful blue goodness, but thats cool. That's how you know you're alive.

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