Couch bound five

Hmmm. Second Friday Five in a row where I'm laying on the couch and typing with my thumbs. Fridays must be the new Monday.

Screw this Friday in particular. 

But let's play Opposite Day!

Five reasons why it's awesome to be couch bound on the Friday before my three day birthday weekend. 

Number One: I have Netflix. And Netflix has entire seasons of TV I can catch up on, or start all together. 

Quick Reader Poll: The Wire, or Breaking Bad?

Number Too: I have books. Books I've never read and books I've read a thousand times. Page turners, mind benders, and thought provokers. What ever I need to engage the real organ.

Number  3: I have kids. Not only can they fetch things, like TV remotes and Magazines, but they have no choice but to let me use their bendy straws when I'm trying to sip a tasty zin and don't want to over extend my core by sitting up.

Number Fore:  I have wife. And she can cook, clean, mow the lawn, and is willing to not only touch my feet, but to rub them for several minutes. 

Number Five: I have wife and she rates two. Actually she rates all five, but I really wanted to use that bendy straw in wine glass joke. 

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