Friday Five: Choices

Two neat little options landed on my lap today.

One pulling me in one direction, the other in another. Both are just first steps to grander more dreamy things. Both require work, both require luck, and both could end up landing me back where I was before my alarm went of this morning, except maybe a year older and with a higher percentage rate on my student loans.

Doesn't really matter what they are.

I'm not going to tell you even if it did, but it did get me thinking about how I/we make choices and it also reminded me that I've got exactly 47 minutes as of right now to knock back a Friday Five.

So here it is: Five ways of choosing my fate for the next year . . .

in 47 minutes or less.

Number 1. Pro's and Cons List:
This is how you decide things in the most rational way possible. Just make a big long list and tally the points. Whichever option has the most, pick that one.

Doing this mean you will never experience the kind of regret that comes from flipping a coin nor will you ever have to make an alimony payment. However, this kind of logic based reasoning will never get you the cover of a magazine, will not impress your friends and is both boring and totally unsexy.

Number 2. Make the sexier choice:
Picture yourself doing what it is that you're choosing to do, and then ask yourself if you would hit that.

Then ask your self if anyone else would hit that.

and make sure by "any one else" you mean your wife.

But not really.

Cause she'll hit anything.

Number 3. Go full on Taoist and flip a coin:
You, my friend, are the unhewn log. Let the river pull you in the direction that you are meant to go. Give the universe a chance to be your guide. The greatest advantage you have over your enemy is that he is weak and smells of elderberries. And as the coin rises in the air you will know in your heart of hearts which path you really wish to take and you won't even have to look at where the coin landed.

You will anyway, and if its right, you'll narrow your eyes and nod your head in a creepy fashion.

And if its wrong, you'll just put the coin into your pocket and walk away from the person that gave it to you.

It's your quarter now.

God Dammit.

Number 4.
Choose the one that will disappoint your mother the most.
Just kidding.

Finally 5. Ask your wife:
Cause she is always right.


No matter what she's hitting.

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