Friday Five: PG13 Level Debauchery

Sooooooo . . . .

Looks like the wife is going out of town for the weekend.

Which means I have a clean house and a license to ill.

Top Five Things I'm gonna do when left to my own devices:

Medium Rare Steaks and Brussel Sprouts:
She likes her meat cooked and her vegetables un-stinky, which is perfectly fine, but Daddy's gonna get a little crazy with the barbecue come Saturday night. there's no telling what I'm likely to sauté.

Wine Glasses in the Dishwasher:
Its a sure fire way of "mazal tov"ing my way out of her good graces, but I will be damned before I hand dry anything.

Star Wars Marathon:
I'm starting with Episode I and won't stop until the ewoks have sung their last. I am going to absolutely hate the first six hours, but my bucket list ain't getting any smaller, and there's no football on Sunday.

Stringin Guitars:
Granted, I could do this whenever I want, but I sure as shit won't be answering the phone or stopping everything to get the sugar down from the highest shelf in the cabinet.

Sleep in the middle of the bed:
"Why?" you ask. Cause I friggin can, I say.

Cause I friggin can.

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