Five Nice Things

Some days are just terrible. I'm not talking about tragic days. Days when you lose a loved one, or your house burns down or someone has taken your parking space, I 'm talking about the kind of days where all kinds of little things go wrong. The things that Alannis Morrisette would call "Ironic" but aren't in fact "Ironic" and are in fact just irrationally annoying. And each thing that goes wrong compounds upon another until you can't imagine anything going right. Your heart races at the sound of the phone, you panic when someone calls your name, you break out into sweat when you here a noise coming from somewhere that you have never heard before. You might even find yourself driving home fully prepared to run red lights cause you just don't want to sit still for ninety seconds.

I had that day today.

A terrible day.

And I'm not gonna write about it because, emotionally, I'm still pretty upset.

And I'm not gonna write about beautiful miracles. Cause that's too saccharine.

Does saccharine even exist now as a sweetener now that we have Splenda, and Equal, and Agave Nectar?

So I think I'm just gonna list five nice things that happened today. Not spectacular, not life affirming. Just nice.

1. Had coffee and breakfast before going to work, which was nice.

2. Fixed a grinder, a cabinet door, a broken drawer, and a 18 year old Nintendo 64 Game cartridge (Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time if you must know), which will make my son very happy, which is nice.

3. Organized my tools, they're greasy, but nice.

4. Joann's cooking dinner, which makes the house smell nice.

5.  Webb came in today. I hadn't seen him in six months, and the cancer has whittled him down to a shadow of the majestic man he once was, but he's not dead.

And I think we can all agree, that even during the terrible days, not being dead is nice.

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