I read somewhere that many ancient recurve bows were destroyed because some museum curators strung them backwards.

Being an expert in something doesn't necessarily imbue one with common sense I guess.

How immanent the destruction when our mastery collides with our ignorance.

I could give you a four hour lecture on the cultural significance of Beatles White Album without using notes, but I couldn't keep a 4/4 rhythm steady for more than a bar or two, which makes me fun at parties unless there is dancing.

I bought a bow today.

A recurve bow.

A Martin Jaguar Take Down 40lb Recurve Bow, to be precise.

There's a company named Martin that makes guitars too. I heard they are good, but I don't have the kind of money it takes to purchase something manufactured in the United States.

Unless its fresh produce.

or a Martin Jaguar Take Down 40lb Recurve Bow.

It came in two different colors; Camouflage and Black.

I wanted the black one, cause for some reason camouflage always makes me think of hillbillies, but black was an extra $10 and my prejudice against hillbillies is in no way worth $10.

I'm a snob, but there are limits.

Now the boys at the archery club, they are gun toting, camouflage wearing, fly fishing, red blooded americans. If they own guitars, then those guitars would be manufactured in Nazareth PA, and not anywhere near the island that we dropped the bomb on.

The Vice President of the archery club was telling me a story about the local hunting grounds. The local hunting grounds had to be shut down because houses were built right up against it, and even though the homes were clearly sold with the understanding that it was right next to the local hunting grounds, people still complained that there were hillbillies with shotguns in their backyards.

He called these people "The Anti's," as in they are anti-this and anti-that. The anti's don't want people with shotguns poppin caps in wild turkeys. The anti's don't want us fishin in the steams, and the anti's certainly don't want people with recurve bows to peacefully assemble together to put tiny little holes in tiny little targets from forty yards out.

Did I mention Calvin can put six arrows in the center mass from ten yards out.

Just sayin. My boy has a good chance of winning The Hunger Games.

Unless there are butterflies.

He still hasn't gotten the hang of butterflies.

Anyway, I too do not want hillbillies with shotguns in my backyard no matter what they're dressed in, but I also happen to like that they have their own little place where they can walk around and shoot shit.
Shootin shit is fun, whether its with an AR-15 or a Martin Jaguar Take Down 40lb Recurve Bow.

Now, I gotta be honest, I don't like guns, but mostly because I don't trust people.

Gun owners, to me, fall under the same category as dog owners. Its as though they are completely blind to fact that their cute little hobby can be deadly and shut out the world completely whenever a baby is mauled or the Vice President of the United States shoots his friend in the face.

Guns don't kill people, and the master is to blame.

Granted, nobody ever attacked a school with a dalmatian, but an AK-47 doesn't shit on your lawn.

Bad things happen when mastery and ignorance collide.

I just don't think you should have a gun unless you've been able to demonstrate that you are a perfectly sane responsible adult.

And you shouldn't have a dog unless you've been able to demonstrate that you are a perfectly sane responsible adult.

And you shouldn't curate a museum exhibit on Native Americans unless you can hit center mass six times from ten yards out with a Martin Jaguar Take Down 40lb recurve bow.

But mostly,

you should stay away from butterflies.

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