Is Santa real?

What do you think?

Ethen says Santa's not real?

Does Ethen tell you the truth a lot?

No. He says he has a million dollars.

He might.

No. I don't think he does.

Me either.

Do you believe in Santa?



Well, it's been many years since Santa has brought me anything. I think that Santa becomes less real as you get older. So, when you hear older kids talking about Santa not being real, it's because he doesn't bring them anything any more.

So he really just likes bringing things for little kids?

Good little kids.

I'm still little?


Do you have a million dollars?


Does Santa have a million dollars?

He doesn't need money.

Then how will he get me an XBox?

Why don't you let him worry about that.

Kay. Wait dad?


I'm hungry.

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