The Afternoon Nap

One of the great things about observational posting, is that the subject matter is only subject to my whims.

This post was supposed to be about music. I am feeling revved up again after the summer of my discontent and I wanted to share some sunshine.

Yet on Sunday morning I found myself in a sea of families with no clear direction other than that is was Soccer Picture Day. There was going to be a funny bit about awkward children and their awkward families and the color green. There was also gonna be a funny bit about the fight I got into with my wife and that fact that Calvin looks a little creepy when he takes posed photos. There was also gonna be something about his current smile which due to the lost teeth and the size of the replacements only half emerged makes him look like a caricature drawing of the royal family.

And then we were back to music, for I had a long drive this morning.

And then it was going to be about family, money, and football for I got to spend some wonderful hours with my own dad, and those are laughs I like to share.

Yet I got home and there were no pressing chores except for Yahoo Sports, who apparently needs to let me know that one of my running backs was down for the season. Ho Hum. And Calvin was playing outside, and the wife was in the room reading, and I was very relaxed and just a bit on the dozy side.

So I took a nap.

A glorious nap.

Sweet dreams and cool breezes.

My pal Joey said to me once that he wasn't sure if he should go home a take a nap after work. I told him of course he should.

If you can, you should.

And today I could.

So I did.

And I got up a little woozy and becalmed. I swapped my injured running back for a long shot wide receiver who isn't gonna do squat for a few more weeks, but has a few tasty match ups if he can get healthy and learn his routes. I ate dinner (chicken cutlets and peas) and realized I have soccer practice in less than an hour and there is no way I could write about sensitive issues with a sharp wit and soft hands.

Too much editing.

So today's morality play is simple.

If you can take naps, do it, they are wonderful.

As is music, family, chicken cutlets, and the color green.

Take naps even if you have to reduce your posting to just a few unedited paragraphs.

Your readers are a forgiving bunch of people.

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