Nothin to See Here

This was not a weekend of rigorous activity.

Lawns were mowed. House picked up. Fantasy football team drafted. Ate some ribs. Drank some beers.

Time flew by. But not in any memorable way.

Its weekends like this that make me look forward to returning to work. Just a little something to light some ass fire.

I can say with total fortitude that I am done with summer. I am done with heat and done with sweat.

Soon clouds will blur the sky, there will be a hint of rain and I will move freely without my shirt sticking to my skin.

I do have to get the boy off to soccer practice in about 30 minutes. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

But otherwise . . .

. . . . this is a sad little post.

Not because of the soccer thing, although I'm still not utterly convinced its a real game, but because I just don't feel funny today.

Or inspirational.

Or contemplative.

Just blah.

So Blahing Blah.

So lets all join in the monday blah. Reheat some leftovers, get a nice tepid glass of tap water, sit on the couch and watch a movie on TV that you are only mildy interested in. Cuddle up next to your spouse close enough to share some affection but no where near close enough to hint at sex.  Don't think about the day ahead, don't think about what you should have done yesterday, don't even think about the cross word puzzle that is still 95% empty. Let today suck in its blahness and start fresh tomorrow.

Tomorrow's gonna kick some ass.

But don't think about it.

There's nothing to think about.

Nothing to see here.

There are no droids to look for.

Move along.

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