Five Sequels I would totally have to see even if they were awful.

Today's Friday Five was inspired by a little trip to the movies this morning. We were going to see the 10:00am matinee at one theater, but it turns out that the showing was going to be inside one of the new maximum over load theaters with leather seats, 32 speakers, and a screen with so much high definition you can actually feel Jason Bourne shooting you in the face.

But the maximum experience, even at matinee prices was going to cost $26 instead of the $10 we had planned and the extra $16 dollars could buy a butt load of Taco Bell, so we decided to wait an hour and get the cheap seats.

For $10 the movie was perfectly fine. Not as smart or deftly constructed as its predecessors, and even though I have an unhealthy crush on Rachel Weis, I thought she looked too thin, and a total character mistake having her not be British. It wasn't much, but all in all, I wasn't expecting much. 

So if I wasn't expecting much, why go see it? Why drop the price of two bacon cheese burgers? Well, cause, I kinda liked the other ones, and I have been a Bourne fan since I first read Ludlow in middle school, so I kind of feel an obligation to follow till the end of the story. Even if Hollywood has to beat that dead horse until even the glue factory would take exception at the corpse.

So here is a Friday Five List of movies whose sequels I would absolutely have to go see:

1. Red Dawn
Everyone is dead in the end except for Leah Thomson and that other guy, but still,  she's not doing anything, and Cold War Era Propaganda was so much more fun than the War on Terror. They've filmed a remake that's in post production, which I won't see (due to the sacrilegious nature of remaking anything that was already perfected by Patrick Swayze), but a sequel I would.

2. Serenity
The story was tied up with a nifty bow, yet I'll buy anything Joss Wedon. To qouthe the internets: 
Shut up and take my money!

3. The Incredibles
Obviously. But also, because secretly I'll be hoping that they just let Samuel L. Jackson off his PG leash.

4. The Breakfast Club
And I want there to a a part for both John and Joan Cusack.

5. Star Wars
Oh, I know I'll fucking hate it, and I'm gonna hate my self more than I hate myself after eating a triple cheese burger, but I'm gonna go anyway. And I'm gonna make an event out of it. And I'm not even gonna question the $26 price. 

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