Friday Shuffle

Friday iTunes Shuffle
(A quick jaunt through my library on shuffle, with musical commentary and sweet reminiscence.)

Nine Inch Nails
Now I'm sure we've all heard the Johnny Cash version of the song, but this one well worth a re-look if you're not familiar with the original. Actually if you're not intimately familiar with this recording then you seriously need to go out and buy the whole album. Of course it won't appeal to everyone, but there is no mistaking that Trent Reznor reached the height of both sound scape creation and industrial metal with enough splattering of pop melodies to make it infinitely listenable. Downward Spiral came out the year I graduated high school and was first played for me by this super sexy bat shit crazy blonde in a 1974 Lincoln, driving through Lake Berryessa, and lip syncing all the lyrics. I think I wet myself when she got to track five. Those were times. Times.

We Used To: 
Dolly Parton
I gave this disc out as a joke one xmas, but had to burn it cause I'm a musical pack rat and I never knew when it might come in handy. I didn't, however, think our miss Dolly would so blatantly rip off "Stairway To Heaven" it's a little creepy and I'm not sure if I still want this one sitting in my library. Next . . .

Hey Tonight: 
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jody's gonna get religion all night long.
Good for Jody.

In the Drink:
Bare Naked Ladies
Not the great hit makers of let's say "Hootie and the Blowfish" but you can only imagine what it must be like in the writing studio when the dirty jokes start flying and they have to pair them down into something that's a little more radio friendly, or hidden enough to get past the suits at the record label. But then there's not much production value, so maybe the suits go bother someone else that is eating up more of the engineer's time.

Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year
Jackson Five
The only true tradition we have in my household is decorating the tree with the Jackson Five Christmas Album playing at medium volume. I implore you to take this into your heart and make this your tradition too.

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